RYA Tender Operator Course For Larger Vessels - £325

The minimum age for this course is 17 and candidates must hold a RYA Powerboat Level with coastal endorsement. It is also recommended that delegates hold a valid First Aid certificate and VHF DSC Short Range Operators Certificate, or equivalent.
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The RYA Tender Operator Course
(Understanding the Demands of Driving a Super Yacht Tender)

The purpose of the 2 day RYA Tender Operator Course is to build upon the skills of a candidate’s knowledge and experience of powerboating so that they can confidently carry out short ship-to-shore transfers by day and by night. This will enable them to appreciate and understand the demands of skippering a super yacht tender, making them more attractive to employees in this area.

What The Course Will Cover:

  • Risk Assessments and Safety briefings
  • Emergency and safety equipment checks 
  • Embarking and disembarking of passengers 
  • Passenger and crew safety and comfort 
  • Close quarter manoeuvres 
  • Berthing techniques 
  • Pilotage by day and night 
  • Electronic and traditional navigation aids 
  • IRPCS - Rule of the Road 
  • Emergency exercises - e.g. MOB night drills 
  • Anchoring techniques 
  • How to deal with a non-compliant passenger 
  • Disabled passenger considerations 
  • Language barriers 
  • Salvage regulations and towing 
  • Towing of toys etc.
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You can be confident in your ability when you have been taught by Boatability

The one area that most existing skippers feel they need to build experience in is the night time operations and close quarter manoeuvres. Therefore if you want to be challenged and learn at the home of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth, which is one of the most hazardous and busiest waterways in the world, then rest assured your super yacht skipper/owner will certainly be confident in your ability to safely helm one of the tenders during the day and night! We can also teach you at your location using the ships own tender(s).
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Course Pre-Requisites:

The minimum age for this course is 17 and candidates must hold a RYA Powerboat Level with coastal endorsement. It is also recommended that delegates hold a valid First Aid certificate and VHF DSC Short Range Operators Certificate, or equivalent. Because this course focuses on the boat handling and pilotage skills required to be able to safely transfer passengers and crew by day and by night there is a comprehensive night exercise included in the programme so candidates should have good vision and not suffer with colour blindness or look at taking the MCA lantern test if in doubt.

Please Note: This course can also be booked alongside the RYA Level 2 PowerboatFirst Aid and online VHF courses; please contact us to discuss if this option is attractive to you. We also offer group discount.
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All of our courses are fun and informative and instruction is delivered by very experienced instructors, including an ex Royal Navy Specialist trainer, an MCA Coastguard instructor, a very experienced fisherman who probably spends more time on the water than he does on land... even our mechanic is 2 x European powerboat champion, who offers plenty of advice and expertise to the mix! A client recently commented, that the course was very professionally run but just as important was great fun too! Please read some of our feedback under the Testimonial / Clients tab at the top of this page to see what our customers say...

Regarding pricing, we don't profess to be the cheapest but I think if you take into consideration that we teach the Royal Navy and organisations such as the Fire Service, we are certainly one of the best! The RYA Tender Operator Course costs £325 per person. This includes VAT, certification, The RYA Powerboating handbook (if not already held), ICC application form, all safety equipment, boats and fuel and depending on the weather foul weather gear too. The course can also be run from you location using your own boat, depending on type and suitability. We will also price match depending on availability.

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