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People have winterised their boats ready for next season. So instead of letting the inherent skill fade creep in, why not consider keeping yourself up to speed by attending a shore based training course.
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Shore based training is normally associated with when bad weather or the winter season.

Keep your skills up to scratch throughout the winter with Boatabilitys Shore Based Courses. This might be learning about how to use a VHF Radio, learning to navigate more efficiently, how to treat a casualty onboard or just some one to one tuition on a subject of your choice. Here at Boatability we can offer a wide range of packages to suit your training needs.

We have two different Shore Based Courses to Choose from:

Located in the heart of Portsmouth we are very close to the transport network and only an hour from London, we are ideally located to provide training for people who might need to travel. Our training centre is located within a Dry Stack boat yard and brokerage so well placed for those thinking of buying or selling a boat too.

With state of the latest VHF DSC radio equipment we can even send a real Mayday on the radio but obviously in simulated conditions. Believe it or not but most boaters who have not done the VHF course will more than likely switch their radio off the first time the hear a Distress Alert come across on their radios, which is a little concerning... This is one of the reasons, unlike anyone else, we also offer free re-training on our VHF radio course.

Did you know? If you make a simple radio call, e.g. to a marina, harbour master or another boat and you don't hold a VHF users license you are actually breaking the law. The maximum penalty for this is either a £5000 fine or 6 months imprisonment.

Why choose Boatability for your Shore Based Courses? All of our instructors have come from or are still involved in some very interesting backgrounds and bring plenty of experience to the table, for example: Royal Navy, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, offshore fishing skippers etc.

Leisure and RYA Training Course we offer

  • RYA Powerboat

    Boat Licence - The International Certificate of Competence, ICC, Boat License & CEVNI
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    RYA Powerboat Level 1

    A one day course that is introductory level to Powerboating - This is suitable for Children.
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    RYA Powerboat Level 2

    Designed for people wanting to acquire safe small boat operation skills during daylight hours on both coastal and inland waters.
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    RYA Intermediate Powerboat

    Pilotage, passage planning, and advanced boat handling in daylight hours on coastal waters, using both traditional and electronic navigation methods.
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  • RYA Advanced Powerboat

    Advanced standards required to drive a powerboat safely by day and by night, in tidal coastal waters with which the candidate can be familiar with.
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    Boat Licence

    The ICC - referred to as your "boat licence," is a crucial certificate to acquire before venturing to the European mainland.
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    ICC Powerboat Under 10m

    Power Boat License for Boats Under 10 Metres Including Jetskis/PWC's
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    ICC Powerboat Over 10m

    Using a boat over 10m in length, especially abroad, you will likely need the Power Over 10 Metre  (ICC).
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  • PWC (Jetski) - Personal Water Craft

    A 1 day PWC course consists of classroom theory and water-based practical tuition.
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    Shore Based Courses

    Includes VHF Radio operation, enhanced navigation, casualty care, or personalised one-on-one instruction.
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    VHF Radio

    This is legal requirement for anyone who operates a VHF radio at sea or on the shore.
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    RYA First Aid

    The RYA First Aid course is predominately aimed at the maritime sector.
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  • RYA Sea Survival

    RYA Sea Survival Training is recognised in industry and is essential for anyone travelling on the sea.
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    RYA Tender Operator

    The 2-day RYA Tender Operator Course enhances a candidate's powerboating skills and expertise.
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    Sailing Courses

    These courses are suitable for those with little or no experience, who prefer sailing to powerboating.
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