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Boating enthusiasts, rejoice! Boatability, your trusted partner in all things nautical, has diligently curated a treasure trove of 'how-to' boating videos over the years. Whether you're a seasoned skipper or setting sail for the very first time, our extensive collection of informative and engaging how to boating Videos here to help you navigate the waters with confidence.
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Launch & Recovery

RYA Course with BoatabilityRYA Course with Boatability

How to Launch a Boat From a Trailer

If you have ever wondered how to launch a boat from a trailer safely Boatability's short video will show you how.

How to Launch & Recover a Boat onto a Trailer

A Boatability video demonstrating on how to recover a boat onto a trailer safely.

How to put a Boat on a Floating Dock

Boatability demonstrating that you don't have to drive a boat fast to put it on a dock.

Boat Checks and Boat Maintenance

Powerboat Engine Checks

How to carry out basic engine checks on a 4 stroke outboard engine. Get into the habit of always checking your engine before you go to sea, it could save your life!

How to Change a Duo Prop

Boatability giving a quick video demo showing how to change a duo prop on a Volvo Outdrive.

Volvo KAD32 Impeller Change

Boat training, Volvo KAD32 impeller change. Boatability maintenance.

Checking the Oil on a Volvo Outdrive

Boatability demonstrating  of how to check the oil on a Volvo Outdrive.

Outboard Engine Maintenance

Boatability have created a quick video showing how to flush through a Suzuki 100 outboard. This procedure is basic maintenance that should be carried out daily, or regularly if you don't have easy access to fresh water.

Rodman Muse 44

Boatability has just taken on the management of 'True Colours' a stunning Rodman Muse 44. She was in need of a bit of TLC but as you will see with some hard work and the expertise of Liquid Glass Shield she is now back up to her former glory and ready for training and charters.

Boat Handling

Boatability Berthing Practice

Boatability's 'how-to' berthing practice video provides boaters with essential guidance on mastering the art of docking their boat gracefully and safely in UK waters.

How to park a boat

A Boatability student demonstrating good touch and feel for a boat instead of powering into the berth like so many boaters do.

How to Parallel park a Boat

A good demonstration by Boatability in Portsmouth England on how to parallel park a boat using the wind. This is a real art but is quite simple when you know how.

Boat Training - City & Guilds Commercial Course

Slow boat control training from a student attending a City & Guilds Commercial Boat Handlers Course at Boatability Ltd Port Solent, Portsmouth.

Powerboat Training Courses - The "Kill Switch" or "Dead Mans Cord

It's so important to use a dead man's cord or kill switch when powerboating or driving a speedboat/safety boat but have you thought about how your crew would rescue you if you fall outof he boat with the kill switch strapped around your leg? Watch for Nick's solution to this dilemma based on years of experience teaching powerboat training courses. Portsmouth is a great place to learn boating, take a boat test or gain your ICC.

RYA Intermediate Course

A great course to learn how to carry out a passage plan by day into a port. As you can see from the video Portsmouth does have it's challenges with the small boats channel so what a fantastic place to learn. Boatability can take you through your RYA Intermediate Boating course.   

RYA Advanced Powerboat Training with Boatability

Students at Boatability doing their RYA Advanced Powerboat with us out in the Solent; you never know what you are going to see, how cool is this!

Royal Navy RYA Advanced Powerboat Training with Boatability

Simon and Mick from the Royal Navy's Plymouth Bomb Disposal Clearance Diving Unit doing their RYA Advanced Powerboat Course. What a fantastic night to do a course. It's a shame that the expanding square search didn't come out on the video as we had the track on the chart plotter and it was a perfect pattern on the screen. Well done guys, great course.

Man Overboard Recovery

 video of some MOB training Boatability developed with Wetwheels Solent, which is now going to be rolled out across their fleet.  A simple and very effective MOB recovery system thanks to Dead Fred volunteering. And before anyone asks yes it does work with a lifejacket.

Securing a small powerboat alongside a pontoon

Boatability showing how to secure a small boat alongside using bow, stern and spring lines. Please note this for securing the boat to a pontoon that raises and lowers with the tide; do not use this method for securing to a jetty wall for example.

Boating in and around Portsmouth Harbour

Driving Small Boats Channel - Portsmouth

Using and understanding the small boats channel in Portsmouth Harbour.

Tidal Waters in Portsmouth Harbour

An example of the tide in Portsmouth. Note the ferry would normally would be travelling at approximately 10 knots, I estimate it's probably struggling to make 4 to 5 knots.

VHF Radio, AIS, Navigational & Emergency Equipment

Ask Alan - Radio Procedure

Solent Costguard - We ask Alan about using your VHF Marine Radio.

DSC Emergency Call

Ask Alan - Marine DSC radio emergency calls, tests and procedures. Advice from Solent Coastguard,

Boatability Radar Training

Here is Chris (Boatability's Chief Instructor) demonstrating some of the features of the Raymarine e97 Hybrid Touchscreen Chart Plotter. If anyone would like to learn how to use their radar, chart plotter of VHF radio then please contact us

VHF DSC Distress Mayday

A brief overview of how to make a DSC Distress Alert using the Distress Button, followed by the Distress Voice Call.

VHF DSC Training Part 2

A short overview of Nick at Boatability describing the DSC Call functions.

What is AIS

Ask Alan - Boatability ask the local Coastguard what is AIS and how is it used ? (Automatic Identification System)

Using a Tidal Curve

How to use a tidal curve to calculate the depth of water at a secondary port... this example uses Ryde on the Isle of Wight. This topic is covered in the Boatability RYA Intermediate Powerboat and again in the Boatability RYA Advanced Powerboat course.

Understanding Flares

An example of some Pains Wessex Flares if you ever wondered what they look like when you set them off.

RYA Sea Survival Instructor Course - Pool Phase

BoatabilityRYA Sea Survival Instructor (Pool Phase) Course at Portland, For more information on Sea Survival Please

Boatability RYA Sea Survival

RYA Sea Survival Instructor Course at Portland, October 2014. Video was produced and edited by Boatability Ltd. For information on Sea Survival courses please email us. 

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