Working in association with 1st sea school it gives us the advantage to be able to offer a lot more training courses than most can. The benefit to you being you don't won't have to travel all over the country to do the various courses. 
The aim of the Yachtmaster qualification is to further your knowledge from the Day Skipper, giving you the skill sets and confidence necessary to skipper larger craft. Commercially the Yachtmaster allows you to operate motor driven vessels up to 24 metres in length up to 60 miles offshore by day and by night. 
The course consists of classroom as well as day and night time practical scenario based training. The course takes 6 days to complete, with the last day being assessed by an independent examiner. Because this course leans more towards the commercial arena of the boating world the minimum age limit is 17. The course will cover: 
Preparing For Sea - Safety Briefings, Delegation of Tasks, Fuel and Engine Checks 
Passage Planning - Can plan a coastal passage taking into the crew into consideration and all the safety aspects and qualifications associated with this. You will be able to determine the weather, identify ports of refuge, calculate tidal heights and streams as well us use the various publications and charts 
Pilotage - Ability to prepare and produce a pilotage plan for day and night use, which covers areas such as; IRPCS, IALA, NTMs, LNTMs, soundings, transits, clearing and leading lines, bearings, tides and tidal streams 
Passage Making - Take command of the vessel and crew, giving direction and delegating personnel accordingly 
Radar - Understands the uses/limitations of radar as an aid to navigation 
Boat Handling - Can control the vessel competently using one or two engines in open and confined waters 
Weather - Take precautions and control for adverse weather conditions as well as being able to navigate in poor visibility 
Emergency Situations - Can take control of the crew and make the appropriate emergency calls in a distress situation 
Course Costs: 
1 person £200 per day - 2 people £350 per day - 3 people £525 per day 
Boat Hire is £350 per day divided by number of students 
If you wish to you use your own boat this too can be arranged. 
Before being able to attend this course you must hold the following: 
RYA First Aid 
RYA Day Skipper 
For Commercial Use 
skippers must already hold all of the above but also have the: 
RYA Sea Survival 
ML5/ENG1 Medical 
If you need to do any of the pre-requisite courses prior to the yachtmaster or simply want to build up your hours then please contact us: 02392 346075 / 07985 089973 
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