What is STCW95 ? 
"Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping" is a code that 133 IMO signatory countries world wide have signed up to to certify mariners for working on vessels over 24m and up to 200 gross tonnes working offshore. The "95" is the year in which the the code was harmonized.Training usually consists of : 
Personal survival techniques (1 day) Please note we do Sea Survival not Swimming Pool survival! 
First aid (1 day) 
Personal safety and social responsibility (1/2 day) 
Security Awareness Only required if the ship already complies with ISPS regulations! (1/2 day) 
This course can be booked as individual training modules or as a 5 Day course for £699. Please contact the office for list of available dates. 
Who needs it? 
The course is targeted to those that want to work offshore on superyachts, commercial vessels or as support crew on offshore platforms. It is recognised in 133 countries and is usually a prerequisite to all off shore jobs for UK based employers operating vessels. 
Where STCW95 fits with the training we currently offer: 
We offer STCW95 as a part of an overall package of maritime training including: 
Our Portsmouth based team of trainers have access to a wide variety of craft and training locations and draw from a wide variety of areas including RN Clearance Diving, Special Forces, Military and civilian secure communications and the wider commercial environment. Our courses are intended to be informative, enjoyable and challenging. 
For more information and our latest training schedule please contact a member of the team on: 
Telephone 02392 346075 / 07985 089973 Email: 
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